Alkaline Sea Moss Gel

Alkaline Sea Moss Gel

The power of sea moss gel, now combined with the power of alkaline water. What a beautiful world it is.

Now, instead of natural spring water, our AnGels have the option of having their sea moss gels made fresh to order with (branded) alkaline water. This option for sea moss gel is made with vapour-distilled, antioxidant infused alkaline water, ionized with 9.5+pH.


Why opt for alkaline water?

Alkaline water neutralizes acidity (in the body), is also more hydrating than regular water because it has a higher pH level, and is infused with electrolytes.



Electrolytes are minerals in your body that have an electric charge. They are crucial for various bodily functions and are primarily involved in maintaining fluid balance, transmitting nerve impulses, and contracting muscles. Here are some key roles and benefits of electrolytes:

  1. Fluid Balance: Electrolytes help maintain the balance of fluids inside and outside your cells. This balance is essential for hydration, nerve function, and muscle function.

  2. Nerve Function: Electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, and calcium, play a vital role in transmitting electrical impulses along nerve cells. This is essential for muscle contractions, including the beating of your heart.

  3. Muscle Function: Electrolytes are crucial for muscle contractions. They help regulate muscle contractions, including the muscles involved in breathing and digestion.

  4. pH Balance: Electrolytes help maintain the body's acid-base balance (pH level), which is important for overall health and proper bodily functions.

  5. Hydration: Electrolytes, especially sodium and potassium, play a key role in maintaining proper hydration levels in the body. They help ensure that the body retains the right amount of water.

  6. Blood Pressure Regulation: Electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, help regulate blood pressure by controlling the movement of fluids in and out of cells.

  7. Other Functions: Electrolytes also play a role in supporting cellular function, enzyme activity, and nutrient transport.

It's important to maintain a balance of electrolytes in your body. Imbalances can occur due to various factors such as excessive sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, or certain health conditions. Severe electrolyte imbalances can lead to serious health problems and should be addressed promptly by a healthcare professional.



Antioxidants are compounds that help protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. Free radicals are produced naturally in the body and can also come from external sources like pollution, UV radiation, and tobacco smoke. Here are some key benefits of antioxidants:

  1. Neutralizing Free Radicals: Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and damage to cells, which can contribute to aging and various diseases.

  2. Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases: By neutralizing free radicals, antioxidants can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders.

  3. Supporting Skin Health: Antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene can help protect the skin from sun damage and improve overall skin health and appearance.

  4. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Some antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation in the body and lower the risk of chronic diseases associated with inflammation.

  5. Supporting the Immune System: Antioxidants play a role in supporting the immune system by protecting immune cells from damage caused by free radicals.

  6. Protecting Eye Health: Antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin are important for eye health and may reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

  7. Improved Cognitive Function: Some studies suggest that antioxidants may help improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.



Vapor distillation is a process used to purify water, often in the production of bottled water. The process involves heating water to create steam, which is then cooled and condensed back into water. Here are some benefits of vapor distilled water:

  1. Purity: Vapor distillation is one of the most effective methods for removing impurities from water, including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and chemicals. This results in very pure water.

  2. Mineral-Free: Because vapour distillation removes minerals from water, which is ideal for a product that's already notorious for it's high mineral content.

  3. Neutral Taste: Vapour distilled water tends to have a neutral taste since it does not contain minerals or other additives that can affect flavour.

  4. Consistency: The vapour distillation process can be controlled to produce water with a consistent level of purity, ensuring a reliable product.

  5. Environmental Impact: While vapour distillation requires energy to heat the water, it can be a more environmentally friendly option than some other purification methods that use chemicals or produce waste.

  6. Safety: Vapour distillation is a safe and reliable method for purifying water, often used in situations where water quality is critical, such as in laboratories or medical facilities.

Overall, vapour distillation is a method that can produce high-quality, pure water, making it a popular choice for bottled water and other applications where water purity is important.

Our alkaline water nutrition facts:


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