BLOCKO, an annual community block party hosted by GFC (Get Fresh Company) in the Queen West neighbourhood, is a heartfelt tribute to the very place that molded the identity and essence of the brand over a decade. This much-anticipated event unites the boundless joy and energy that fills Toronto during the most awaited weekend of the year. With an incredible lineup of Toronto's DJs curating the music, delightful food, games, and an abundance of good vibes, BLOCKO promises an unforgettable celebration for all!


Started in 2019, as a response to festival restrictions around Caribana due to a tragic shooting of Toronto's artist Smoke Dawg, BLOCKO established itself as a safe and positive space for the vibrant Toronto community, where young, elderly, BIPOC, LGBTQI+ and people from all walks of life could enjoy themselves and celebrate Caribbean culture and Canadian heritage.

By second year our attendance quadrupled generating over 5.3 M impressions through press, talent, artists and athletes in attendance. This year, in line with Carnival's growth, we are taking over a larger outdoor space, adding food vendors and arcades to serve and engage over 5000 + attendees.


To remain a safe and inclusive space where people feel welcome and warm, we keep this event free with reasonable food and beverage prices. We hire excellent security staff. Our team, DJs, hosts, vendors and the production team all represent the vibrancy and diversity of Toronto population, and finally. the sounds at the event wary while keeping Caribbean music at the centre of the celebration!

Bringing people together through the collective love of culture, BLOCKO will offer a MARKETPLACE that mixes food, fashion, and everything else. In addition, BLOCKO will collaborate with specific merchants to create merchandise items exclusively available at our event! An immersive festival experience perfectly pairing the Caribbean Culture, Toronto history, and culinary worlds with real-life entertainment.


BLOCKO Attendance


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